Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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  • What drives you crazy while cooking at home? Blunt knife fails to cut the food while the hardly smooth cutting the food,makes the cooking badly annoying.

    It is time to polish your knife to make your cooking more convenient. Then our Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener will be your best choice!

    Product features:

    ◆High quality build

    ◆Gets your knives sharpened in seconds

    ◆Works on all types of knives ,except ceramic knife

    ◆Is an ideal gift for a loved one

    ◆Sharpen as you like, you can sharpen your knife with different angle according to your knife to reach best effect.

    Advanced sharpening technology:

    ◆Best way to sharpen without removing metal.

    ◆High quality sharpening and polishing made simple.

    ◆Fast and easy to use, just a few times sharpen, you can see the obvious difference on your knife, but don’t touch the blade with finger.

    ◆Stable, light weight and small size make your kitchen more convenient.


    Material: Made of Carbon steel and ABS plastic

    Weight: 0.6 LB

    Color: Silver plated

    Package include: 1*Knife Sharpener

Weight 0.3941 kg


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