Brink: The Clean Edge

7.000 د.ك

The Brink presents the bearded man with a sleek, minimalist shaving tool, offering him the ability to trim his facial hair quickly and symmetrically. Carefully designed with absolute precision, the arced and beveled curves of the Brink give men of all skill levels the elegant beard pattern they seek. Whether in the hands of an adept barber or those of the everyday man, shapely balance and proportion can be realized effortlessly, time after time. For perfection, using the finger grips, position the rear groove of the Brink between the two vertical ridges right above your top lip and push hard. Position the Brink so that the base of the triangle on its front is parallel with the nose’s septum. WHILE HOLDING THE BRINK WITH ONE HAND, use a barber pencil and trace an outline along the entirety of the Brink’s edge. Now, using the outline left by the barber pencil as a guide, trim the cheek line of your beard with an electric trimmer or straight razor. It’s that easy.


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