Bug Zapper

5.000 د.ك


The Electric Bug Zapper Flying Insect Killer uses ultraviolet black light to lure light-sensitive flying insects into an electrically charged metal grid, destroying them quickly. Dead insects collect in a tray at the base of the electronic killer unit, which can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced for another round of bug collecting. Clean and convenient, the Electric Bug Zapper is also lightweight and easy to use. The Flying Insect Killer is housed in durable plastic and operates on 120 volts of power. This electronic killer of flying insects is for outdoor use only. Electric Bug Zapper Flying Insect Killer: 

  • Zapper lures and destroys flying insects on contact
  • Ultraviolet light attracts flying insects
  • Removable collection tray at base
  • Clean and convenient
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Operated by 120 volts
  • Outdoor use


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