Kinesiology Sports Tapes

Kinesiology Tape Sports Tapes Knee Elbow Neck Waist Hand Ankle Protector Muscle Bandage Reduce Pain/Inflammation

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Needing Attention!!!

1. Clean, dry and hair-free skin;


2.No direct contact with wound area;


3. 2-3 days as a period. Frequent taping may cause discomfort.;


4. Adhesive side should be no direct contact with water or other substances.


5. During each use, stretch the patch appropriately, but avoid stretching the end of the patch;


6. Find the right part, stick the fixed point, and stick the patch on the skin smoothly in a local stretching posture to cover the corresponding functional muscles. Try to complete the pasting action at one time. After pasting, rub the adhesive repeatedly with your hands to activate the glue to consolidate the effect;


7.Stop using in case of any discomfort. Consult a physician if discomfort develops.


8.When removing the patch, pull the patch along the hair direction with one hand and gently press the skin with the other hand to remove it from top to bottom. After taking a bath, press the patch dry. Repeated tearing may cause skin discomfort. (Not 100% waterproof, about 50%)


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