Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Automatic Clean Make Up Brushes Washing Machine 10 Seconds Silicone Make Up Brush Cleaning Tool

Product Description

Traditional cleaning methods are messy, time consuming and may leave brushes wet for up to 24 hours.

This automatic system works in seconds, leaving bristles pristine, instantly dry, and ready to use.



The set contains:

1 x Ring Holder

1 x cleaning bowl

4 x silicone rings (different sizes)

1 x Connected Swivel Arm

1 x Brush Holder

Removes bacteria, oil and makeup residue from the bristles

Effectively cleans all sizes of makeup brushes in seconds

Fits all kinds of natural and industrial brushes of all sizes

It increases the life of the brush and gives you softer bristles for a flawless application


Instructions for use for a clean brush ready in 40 seconds:

1 – Insert the rotating arm into the device.

2 – Find a silicone ring sized to fit the brush and insert it at the head of the device.

3 – Add your favorite upholstery cleaner and water in the bowl. Immerse the brush in water and run the system for approximately 30 seconds per brush.

4 – Change the water with clean water and repeat steps 3 and 4. Lift the brush over the water and twist the brush to air dry 100%.


How to charge the makeup brush cleaning and drying device:

Charge the device so that the battery is full so that it can work again for up to 140 minutes.

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1. Power: 1.6w, material: ABS + silica gel + PET
Product advantages:
1: Streamlined product design, perfect palm.
2: The product surface is treated by piano paint and UV. Scraping resistance, good feel.
3: The product has fine structure, good motor fixing, low vibration and low sound.
4: Built-in stable circuit board, stable current, save battery consumption, work in a balanced state, there will be no rod swing.
5: Containers are made of food-grade materials, not tumbler design, not broken, not knocked down.
6: High speed, stable motor, 10S wash and dry.
Fully automatic cosmetic brushes, only 10 seconds to restore a new brush, no longer need to worry about the cumbersome cleaning process after makeup. Eight silica gel heads are basically suitable for 95% of cosmetic brushes in the market and two No. 7 dry batteries. The switch part is pushed forward and pushed back. It is very simple and convenient. It can be held in the hand gently without worrying about the instability of the washing process.



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