Medium Fiber Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Medium Fiber Body Pregnancy PillThe most joyful time of your life also can be the most physically challenging and exhausting! As an expectant mother, you may find that your body is undergoing changes and challenges every day. More than ever, you need a good night’s sleep! The special needs that you possess at this time call for a special pregnancy pillow. Deluxe Comfort delivers this via the “J Full Fiber 9″ x 46″ Body Pillow”. This ultimate pregnancy body pillow is custom made for expectant moms who need help getting to sleep ‘ or who face extended bed rest due to their delicate condition. The best maternity pillow on today’s market, this pillow should rank high among first pregnancy gifts at baby shower celebrations. Better than a partial pregnancy wedge pillow, this pillow is shaped like the letter “J” – thus cradling and supporting the body to accommodate the ever-sensitive baby bump. As you recline on this ideal pregnancy cushion, you will feel like you are sleeping on the moon that overlooks your peaceful slumber. The aches and pains that afflict your head, neck, stomach, and back will be eased as you enjoy a rejuvenating rest. Once your baby is born, you may find that this pregnancy sleeping pillow serves you as the type of body pillow bed rest necessitates as your body recovers from the delivery process. Even those who aren’t expecting a bundle of joy will find much to like about this luxurious full body pillow. With its whisper-soft synthetic fiber filling and its coddling, perfectly shaped cotton pillowcase, this hypoallergenic pillow doubles as the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.

What’s Included?

  • Removable Cover
  • Pillowcase
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  • This J-shaped body pillow is ideal for side sleepers, as its shape and stability lend itself to this popular sleeping position. This full body pillow supports you from head to toe as you recline on your side
  • Best Pregnancy Pillow: Deluxe Comfort’s J Full-Body Pillow with a hypoallergenic synthetic fiber filler. Pamper yourself with this expertly-crafted pregnancy body pillow that is custom-made for expectant women and others who need the ultimate good night’s sleep.
  • Therapeutic Maternity Pillows: The shape and softness of this maternity pillow align the body so that it greatly reduces and relieves aches and pains in the head, neck, and back.
  • Comforting Pregnancy Pillow Deluxe: Filled with luxuriating synthetic down fiberfill, this maternity pillow is an appropriately nurturing sleep-aid with a hypoallergenic, 100% cotton pillowcase. While some pillows comfort the head, this luxurious body pillow coddles the whole body.
  • Finest Pillows for Side Sleepers: This J-shaped body pillow is ideal for side sleepers, as its shape and stability lend itself to this popular sleeping position. This full body pillow supports you from head-to-toe as you recline on your side.

5.75 lb.

Pillow Size
Body Pillow
Sleep Position
Side; Back; Stomach
Comfort Level
Fill Material
Cover Material
100% Cotton
Removable Cover
Pillowcase Included
Pillowcase Material
Pillowcase Color
Cooling Technology
Mold Resistant
Odor Resistant
Product Care
Machine Wash
Machine Washable
Product Type
Pregnancy Pillow
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use

Weight 5.75 kg
Dimensions 46 × 9 × 17 cm


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