Ontel Power Pod Portable Phone

8.500 د.ك

Never be stranded with a dead phone or device again with Power Pod – the compact, lightweight, and portable keychain phone charger. Power Pod is so compact and portable, it fits right onto your keychain. Always have extra power anywhere you need it Forget those heavy and bulky charging bricks and the messy wires that come with it. Power Pod’s retractable charging tip slides out and plugs directly into your devices. No cables needed Check your emails, send a text, make calls, use all your apps and follow your maps with no worries. Power Pod is essential to have during emergencies and allows your children to keep in touch. Power Pod is small but powerful. Power Pod delivers instant power that lasts for hours Easily attach Power Pod to your keyring, backpack, purse and briefcase. Take Power Pod wherever you go so you always have the power you need Power Pod is USB rechargeable and reusable, so you can use it over and over again. Power Pod works with Android and Apple devices. Have all the power you need right at hand with Power Pod


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