Portable Wudu Machine

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2022 new design Portable Wudu Machine,washing foot, hands and face in one machine wudumate SASO COC SABER Patented product

جهاز الوضوء للقدمين مع مغسلة المطوره لكبار السن ومن يعانون من الألأم في الظهر والجهاز شحن وسهل الاستخدام- ولا يحتاج التوصيلات ويعمل على الضغط بارجل

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Product Description
2021 New Design Portable Wudu Machine,SASO COC SABER
Product Name
Portable Wudu Machine
Muslim style
Place of Product
Models of Packing
1pc/color box,no outer carton
Use Occasions:
Indoor and Outdoor 
33x40x35cm,with faucet 72cm
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* Multi-functional: washing foot, hands and face in one machine
* Portable: can carry to anywhere, no need to connect with faucet or drainage system
* Eco-friendly: reduce the water used in the wudu
* Safer: no need to elevate your leg to wash it
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Portable Wudu Machine
* Our upgraded Portable Wudu machine is easy and very convenient for ablution in prayer rooms, homes, mosques and also facilitates people operating salat / wudu during the travel or at outdoor.
* Portable Wudu foot washer no need water supply from faucet nor to connect with drainage system. It assists wudu operation in any occasions.
* If people have bone problems, our Wudu machine is super convenient when you are doing wudu as it is placed on the ground so you don’t have to elevate your leg to wash foot.
* Avoid accidents happen. Bathroom accidents are the worst occasions, bathrooms are usually wet, slipping on the bathroom floor could easily break a hip or a leg especially in elders
* Friendly for Pregnant women. Pregnant women can’t raise their legs yet they have to do wudu, washing legs in the face sink or in the bathtub is very risky.
* When first learning how to pray children wants to feel that it is an easy and a fun process, using our Wudu Machine makes wudu attractive for young children.
* As a big, medium or small establishment that makes sure its employees do pray on time, our Wudu Machine will help to reduce the time consumed to do wudu, to lower the risk of accidents in the work place and to reduce the mess caused by the process.
* With the water fees increasing rapidly nowadays, our Wudu Machine is the best way to help reduce the water used in the wudu, thus save the cost.


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