Calming Heat

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Calming Heat Massaging Weighted Heating Pad by Sharper Image- Electric Heating Pad with Massaging Vibrations, Auto-Off,12 Settings- 3 Heat, 9 Massage- 27 Relaxing Combinations, 12” x 24”, 4 lbs

WEIGHTED & MASSAGING HEATING PAD Calming Heat’s weighted design provides targeted heat therapy to your joints and muscles, helping to ease aches and pains. Long gone are the days of constantly readjusting your heating pad – the unique weighted feature helps Calming Heat stay in place, exactly where you need relief!

KING SIZE COMFORT Calming Heat measures 12” x 24” – large enough to be used on virtually any part of your body! Best of all – Calming Heat also includes a 9-foot extra-long power cord, so you can get relief from the comfort of your bed, your couch, or even your office chair!

SUPER SOFT VELVETEEN Calming Heat is made with a plush luxurious material that feels soft on your body, whether you are using it on your neck, back, legs, knees, or shoulders.

COMFORTABLE MASSAGING VIBRATIONS Calming Heat Deluxe has optional vibrating massage settings that can be used to enhance your heat therapy experience with a gentle massage that works with the heat to help soothe your aches and pains.

27 RELAXING COMBINATIONS Calming Heat weighted heating pad’s high-density comfort fill provides the perfect amount of pressure, soothing heat, & vibration for deep penetrating relief. 12 Settings- choose from 3 levels of heat and 9 levels of vibration for your preferred comfort! 27 relaxing combinations to choose from! Features built-in 2 hour auto shut off for heat & 15 Minute for massage! Weighs 4 Pounds

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Calming Heat Calming Heat Neck Wrap Calming Heat Knee Wrap Calming Heat Flexi Wrap Calming Heat Calming Cozy
Calming Heat- Heating Pad Calming Heat- Neck Calming Heat- Knee Calming Heat- Flexi Wrap Calming Cozy
Great For Multiple Body Parts Neck Knee Multiple Body Parts Legs & Feet
Delivers soothing heat and massage with just the right pressure, promoting relaxation and pain relief. Provides comfort and relief from aches and stiffness in minutes, while targeting pressure points to relieve tension and soothe muscles. Contoured and weighted to provide targeted relief with heat and massage. The long, slim design wraps easily around multiple areas of the body, delivering massage and heat where they’re needed. Wraps both legs in Sherpa lined comfort while targeting specific pressure points with gentle massage.


Weight 4.85 kg
Dimensions 25.59 × 13.78 × 0.59 cm


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