Food Preservation Plastic Sealing Machine Vacuum Packaging Pump

8.000 د.ك

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1. Rated voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HZ
2. Power: 0.9 (Kw)
3. Sealing width: 280mm
4. Film thickness: 0.02
5. Sealing speed: 7 seconds
6. Material: ABS engineering plastic
7. Dimensions: 373x80x98 mm
8. Heating wire: nickel-chromium wire alloy
9. 90W high-power vacuum pump, strong suction; technological innovation, sealing constant temperature, stable sealing effect
10. Suitable for a variety of storage bags, dry / wet / soft / powder / oil can be kept fresh
11. This type of vacuum machine must use a special vacuum pattern bag or a folded bag with a thickness of 20 threads or more to be used in vacuum. Ordinary bags cannot be vacuumed and can only be sealed, and aluminum foil bags cannot be used.
12. With 15 pcs 20x25cm food grain bags



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