Intex Dura-Beam Standard

21.000 د.ك

 Intex Dura-Beam Standard Deluxe Pillow Mattress

Intex inflatable mattress with Fiber-Tech technology. From the Deluxe Pillow Rest line, the measurements are: 99x191x42 cm Fiber-Tech: technology of thousands of highly resistant polyester fibers that do not stretch with time or use, offering lasting stability Navy blue mattress and gray surface finished in flocking providing a soft, elegant and velvety texture The inflatable mattress is individual, designed for use by one person and finished in the shape of a pillow for greater comfort Single edge structure for greater firmness, the inflatable mattress is resistant to water and puncturesThe Inflation time is 2 minutes by means of 220/240 V electric pump integrated in system 2-1 for rapid inflation and deflation The Intex inflatable bed supports a maximum weight of 136 kg and its double height provides easy access and greater similarity to the Traditional mattresses Easy to deflate and compact fold to be stored in a carrying bag (included). Mattress weight: 5.4 kg

Having an extra bed is something that is always great if we want to receive guests, although it is not always easy due to the lack of space. But it can be even better… What if this bed can also be easily stored in a closet or taken on a trip with you if necessary? Well, with the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest individual inflatable mattress from the Dura-Beam Standard range you bring together all the necessary qualities in one.
Thanks to its measurements, 99x191x42 cm, this inflatable looks more like a bed than a mattress. In addition, with its double height, this inflatable bed is similar to a traditional bed and facilitates both access and exit. It is intended for individual use and supports a maximum weight of 136 kg.
With a sophisticated design, the inflatable bed has a sophisticated line with the base and sides in navy blue and the surface in gray with velvety flocking to make it even more comfortable. The material used is puncture and water resistant. And we cannot forget that the mattress has a pillow-shaped upper part, in this way the rest of the users is even better.
The interior of the Intex air mattress has Fiber-Tech technology, which provides it with thousands of highly resistant polyester fibers. These fibers neither stretch nor deform after use over time. In addition, thanks to Fiber-Tech technology, the mattress has even more stability and durability.
Another of the most valued benefits of this mattress is that it has a built-in electric air pump with an option to inflate and deflate. The pump has a power of 220 / 240V and thanks to it your mattress will be ready in about two minutes. An extra bed in less than 5 minutes!
The mattress folds easily and compactly to help you store it without taking up much space or so you can transport it wherever you want. And that´s not all, it also includes a fabric bag with handles designed to store the mattress. The weight of the mattress is 5.4 kg.

Measures 99cm x 191cm


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