Magic Tap Drink Dispenser

2.000 د.ك

Premium quality: Our drink dispenser is made of high-quality and food grade PP plastic and silicone materials, non-toxic and harmless material, safe to use.(Suggestion: Do not touch the trigger when not in use)

Magic Electric Tap: Put the milk pump dispenser into the beverage bottle and just touch the trigger to let the beverage flow out automatically, no need to lift a heavy bottle, save your energy.

Easy to use: You can put the AA batteries in the cap and use it easily, suitable for kids and adults. Don’t worry about getting dirty when you want to drink the juice, you can easily get your own glass of juice. (without battery)

No drips & spills: Use our beverage dispenser to effectively prevent juice and milk from overflowing, dripping and wasting, and just touch the trigger with one hand to get the drink you need.

Suitable for: Our automatic drink dispenser is suitable for the kinds of beverages, such as water, juice, milk, and sports drinks, not suitable for drinks with pulp and carbonated drinks.

Say Goodbye to Spills

Automatic Drink Dispenser - Electric Tap for Milk Juice Beer

Why you need it?

The electric faucet can turn any beverage container into an easy-to-use beverage dispenser, eliminating the need to lift heavy bottles and preventing spills, drips and waste.

When designed for beverages, it has a battery-powered motor that can suck the beverage out of the straw and out of the dispenser. Now the kids can drink their own juice, or you can quickly add milk to your bowl of cereal.

It has a touch trigger to start the flow, while an electric tap pump sucks the liquid to the top. This is something every family must have!

Fit for most bottles and jugs ,runs, mouth diameter

Precautions For Use: Not Suitable for Alcohol, Hulpous juice, High-density juice, Thick milk (fermented milk)

Fits For 38/400 (38-400) – 38 mm neck diameter, 400 thread type For most bottles and jugs ,runs, mouth diameter 1″(2.5CM),1.37″( 3.5CM),1.77″(4.5CM)

Precautions For Use: Not Suitable for Alcohol, Hulpous juice, High-density juice, Thick milk (fermented milk)

NOT Recommended For:

  • Carbonated beverages.
  • Beverages containing polp.
  • Beverages containing Sarsaparilla or Sarsaparilla emulating flavor( root beer ).
  • Beverages with 40% or more alcohol content.
  • Beverages beyond their stated expiration date


Absolutely perfect for your family and you will love this milk dispenser so much!

Drink Dispenser Automatic Simple One-Handed Operation

Use Note:

  1. Make sure that the caliber of the solution bottle can match the dispenser
  2. Make sure the Liquid Pump Inlet is completely submerged in the liquid
  3. Make sure the battery and battery slot are installed correctly



1. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2 mm.

2. Two AA batteries are not included.

3. After getting the machine, please use hot water to filter and sterilize it for three minutes to ensure your safe use.

4. Do not leave it in the refrigerator for a long time, as the low temperature may cause the movement to malfunction.


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