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Pillow for Pregnant Body

Pregnancy Pillows, Maternity Pillows for Silky Sleeping, U Shaped Support Pillow for Pregnant Body, with a Blue-Pink Velet Cover (Pink)

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Ordinary pillows can not provide enough support for pregnant mothers, resulting in poor sleep quality. MOXUAN is designed pregnancy pillow for women, widened and lengthened,U shaped pregnancy pillow design, giving more support to mothers at different stages.

Appearance is wrapped in velvet material, comfortable skin, good ventilation, harmless printing, no fading, no fluorescent agent, pregnant women can use it safely, to meet the needs of pregnant women from early pregnancy to lactation

The pillow cover is odor-free velvet, comfortable and soft, in the head, arms, waist, abdomen and legs, help the mother release pressure and enjoy a comfortable sleep

Our philosophy is to let the baby sleep well and the mother sleeps peacefully.


Item name: Pregnant Women’s Pillow

Color: Blue & Pink

Net weight: 1500 g

Product Size: 55 x 28 x 8.6 inches

Package Size: 10 x 10 x 5 inches


The pregnancy pillow cover is 100% plant velvet, natural healthy, breathable, physically processed, non-bleached, non-static. Both mother and baby like soft and comfortable fabrics. Because the body temperature of the pregnant woman is very easy to sweat during pregnancy, the velvet fabric is characterized by moisture absorption, the velvet fiber has good hygroscopicity, and the fiber absorbs the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere, so it will touch the human skin and make people feel soft without stiff. Moisturizing, velvet fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so pure velvet fiber textiles have good moisture retention










The U-shaped design is designed to be ergonomic. The waist can be attached to the maternal pillow according to the human body type. The complete borrowing force can help reduce the pressure on the spine and relieve the pain in the lower back.

In different periods, the pregnant woman’s buttocks, stomach, hands and feet are gradually increasing. The G-shaped design of the pregnant woman’s pillow can help the pregnant woman to reduce the pressure caused by the belly enlargement.


Pregnancy is very hard, this is a very sacred thing. Therefore, we hope to make our baby healthy and comfortable, so our products must be harmless, non-toxic, formaldehyde free, no aromatic amine, no allergens, no fluorescent agents.

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