Spin Maid

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  • Cordless & Rechargeable: Clean the whole house on one charge
  • Reusable Cleaning Pads: Change quickly & easily
  • Professional Technology: Made simple and affordable
  • Clean & Polish All Hard Surfaces: Use on wood, tile, marble, stone & more

Product description

Clean & Polish Like the Pros! Those that see Spin Maid™ for the first time all say the same thing, “Where has this been and why hasn’t this product been made earlier?” Professional units utilize the same technology and have for years. Spin Maid™ brings the similar function at an affordable price to you and makes cleaning and polishing a whole lot easier. If you don’t already own a Spin Maid™, you truly don’t know what your missing. From the minute you turn it on the results will be obvious. The time savings is tremendous. So many “mops”, “motorized spray mops” or even stick micro fiber floor cleaners miss the mark. With Spin Maid™ you will not need to fuss with batteries, proprietary liquid refills, or disposable paper refills. Keep a bottle of your favorite cleaner handy and simply spray the area where you would like Spin Maid™ to clean. Whether you are deep cleaning or just doing a basic maintenance to remove dust and footprints the choice of cleaning pads is yours.

Rechargeable, cordless, Spin Maid™ will clean for up to an hour on ONE Charge

Dual spinning heads draw dirt out and do all the work so you don’t have to

Evenly polishes as it hovers over your floor surface

Great for those that suffer from arthritis Gentle enough for pine and laminate floors

The future of floor care is Now with Spin Maid

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